Show Your Personality With Downloadable Ring Tones

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The latest rage in cell phones is downloadable ring tones. They are a popular addition to personalize cell phones. Depending on the Web site, the price of cell phone ring tones can vary widely. Generally the price is relatively low with most ring tones priced at around $2.00 each. To encourage larger orders, most sites offer discounts for purchasing multiple ring tones.

Purchasing tones in advance is another way to get discounts on downloadable ring tones. The option of buying “credits” is offered at many Web sites. Then, at a later date, those credits can be used to purchase a cell phone ring tone. Purchases can be made online via credit card. Some Web sites offer the option of buying ring tones by calling a 900 number for those don’t have a credit card. This option can easily be found by checking around various ring tone sites if needed.

It is also possible to program a downloadable ring tone onto a Nokia, Ericsson, or Motorola cell phone for free. While it is unlikely that most people are looking for a self-programmed ring tone, it can be a great boon. Most people, however, would rather have a ring tone recorded from popular music or film.

For many people who like to have a constant change of sound, the cost of downloading an actual song as a ring tone is so low that it’s felt to be well worthwhile. There’s a good reason for the cost after all. The $2.00 (on average) per download helps pay both the people who translate that original music into the downloadable digital format and the original recording artists. Not all the money goes to the cell phone company. Downloadable ring tones are certainly a fun way to add something special to a cell phone. Why not take the plunge and try one yourself? You may be pleasantly surprised how much fun even a seemingly silly thing such as this can be, and you may soon find yourself buying several more to suit your moods.

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