Traveling Luggage Case

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Though travel is a major part of modern life, almost unavoidable in some vocations, this was not always the case. Most modern men and women consider the speedy travel from one place to another to be a most commonplace and normal event. We think nothing of getting on a plane and finding ourselves, six hours later, across an ocean in a foreign country completely different from where we left off. In fact, most modern men and women will travel frequently in their lives, whether it be on bus, train, plane or even car, making travel accessible to all those who would like to partake.

There are a few basic reasons for travel. One of the most common and oldest reasons to travel is to make money. Whether a traveler is hoping to sell spices and silk or to get a commission on a supermarket in Kentucky, this basic need to travel for business has stayed consistent and present for hundreds of years. Another reason to travel is to engage in the exchange of information. The most famous kind of traveling that matches this description is probably the traveling undertaken by missionaries. Missionaries travel to distance locales in order to share information about a spiritual institution. Early on, many travelers went on journeys in order to discover new lands. Some travelers still do that, although they are not discovering them for the first time as the early explorers had the pleasure to do.

Though the reasons for travel have not changed fundamentally, the ways in which travelers get from one place to another have changed quite a lot. Beginning with traveling under animal steam (preceded only by traveling by foot) we have advanced past ships and cars to include planes and the famous Concorde.

Just one thing has remained fundamentally the same throughout the entire history of travel: luggage. Luggage is the traveling companion that protects our treasures, preserves our identities and connects us to our homes. It allows the traveler to bring back pieces of their new experience to share with friends and family. Luggage alone is the single traveler’s companion. Inside are all the comforts and smells of home and ourselves, not matter where traveling may take us. In this way, the traditional role of luggage has been one of comfort and familiarity, allowing the travel to cross the globe while looking and feeling like relaxed, confident and free.

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