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The AA provide a great UK route finding service on their website, http://www.theaa.com, It is a very simple and easy to use function, simply by typing in your location and desired destination – either by place name or post code, the route finder will provide a detailed road map as well as full and clear driving instructions as to how to reach the destination in the quickest time possible. It is therefore a very easy and simple to use method of navigation, suitable for everyone. There is an option to go ‘via’ a certain place, which can be incorporated into the route. On top of this, the route can be planned avoiding any motorways, or toll roads/congestion charged areas. These options can be ticked before entering your search.

Other elements can also be factored into the route finder, including petrol stations, speed cameras and traffic black spots. Icons are also shown for such buildings as hospitals, hotels, and sports grounds.

The map can then be emailed onwards, printed out or simply copied down from the computer screen. The service is completely free of charge, and is available to every user who visits the AA site. The search is generated almost instantaneously, which is highly convenient for any last minute journeys or route alterations which need to be made.

Due to the fact that this type of navigation requires map reading, it can be quite a dangerous method to use when driving alone, especially at night. It would be advised to make regular stops at safe destinations in order to familiarise yourself with the route that needs to be taken, or have a passenger who can read it for the driver, and therefore there will be no accidents as a result of careless driving.

Used properly and sensibly, the AA route finder is a great free way to direct you safely from A to B.

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