Cellular Phones Through The Years

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The cellular phone has truly evolved through the years. What used to be for making and receiving calls has progressed into an all in one gizmo loaded with lots of features that it is all you’ll ever be bringing along when you go out. Who would have thought that such a device that has provided so many advantages in the world of communication would be created?

When the very first mobile phones were first created they used to be heavy, bulky and had a very short battery life. But through the years, advances in technology have enabled it to advance into something more compact and versatile for the mobile phone market. Cellular phones used to be very expensive resulting in only a select few being able to afford it. Aside from the cell phone unit being costly, the phone service being provided by operators was also pricey at that time.

With more and more companies venturing into the mobile phone business and a lot of network service providers offering affordable rates, having a cellular phone is just within reach by most people nowadays. You can find a variety of brands and models to choose from to fit any budget.

The mobile phone today is truly an amazing advancement. What used to be green lighted screens with black text evolved into high resolution colored screen displays. Cellular phones used to be in just a simple shape and in plain color but now you can find them in clam shell types, flip types and others. You can even customize your phone with interesting accessories like changeable front covers. Ring tones used to be monotone but they soon developed polytones and now songs can even be used as your personal ring tone or message alert tone.

Mobile phones now come with built in cameras enabling you to take pictures anytime in case you need to capture a moment and you don’t have your digital camera with you. Feel bored when jogging or taking a train ride? Soothe yourself with some music since cell phones now have built in FM radio or MP3 players.

Modern cellular phones are equipped with GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth and many more. You can even record videos, play games, check your email, access the internet, shoot videos, make conference and video calls. The possibilities with your mobile phone are endless. Current cellular phones are packed with innovations that some are even expecting them to soon replace personal digital assistants and even the laptop. The advancements are endless and soon we will again be introduced with a new breed of mobile devices.

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