A Home Business Money Maker You Will Like

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Every home business needs a money maker to count on. This one is really simple. It is the color blue.

How can blue make money for you? Easy. Blue builds trust in your prospects and customers. People associate blue with loyalty and sincerity. It is a calm color and does not push or shout.

It is important to have the proper shade of blue. It should be medium to medium dark. Light blue does not work as well as it brings to mind uniforms.

Use blue on your Website, in ads, on packaging and if possible, even on the product, itself.

Why does blue have such a positive effect on people? Perhaps, it is because our world is wrapped in blue sky and sea. We see blue in tree shadows and blue eyes in many baby animals.

Although everyone pretty much agreed that blue was a part of our life, no one was prepared for what happened in 1999. It stunned the entire scientific community.

Two biochemists working at Vanderbilt University accidently discovered that blue is a part of the human body. The two were researching drugs to use against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. When they injected bacteria with DNA from a human liver, the bacteria turned a rich blue.

They repeated the process and the bacteria continued to turn blue. Thanks to this surprising development, scientists believe human DNA can be used grow blue products of all kinds such as roses and cotton.

No one knows where this startling experiment may lead us. Will it mean the end for blue dye? In the meantime, look at the color blue as a gift and use it wherever you can. Team it up with red or yellow. You can’t go wrong and it may just be the money maker you have been looking for.

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