Link Multiplying With Free Gifts

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If you are looking for an effective method of multiplying your links, you should try offering an option to other website owners, allowing them to give your items away free. However, there is a catch, they must, in exchange, place a link to your website on their own.

You may be question why any website owner would be willing to do this type of thing. If so, here’s why…

Essentially, website owners love offering their visitors a value, what better value is there, than free. Freebies have a way of luring visitors to a website. For one reason or another, rather it be because they lack skills, knowledge, or time to create freebies electronically to offer their customers, therefore, they will turn to you and accept your offer.

You will find that the multiplying factor continues to grow. It’s a domino effect: one webmaster offers the freebies, then before you know it other visitors decide they want to give away freebies as well, and your links keep coming.

The benefit? By increasing links, you are improving your website ranking on the search engines. Backlinks are imperative to successful and high rankings on the search engines, a major part of SEO. Essentially, the more backlinks you have to your website, the more traffic you get, the better your ranks in the search engines.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for freebies, take a look below, we have provided you with the 4 most popular freebie gift types today.

1) Give Away Software

Software is a big hit, but when it’s free it’s an even bigger hit. You can offer almost any type of software as freebies, such as demos, shareware or even freeware software. You should place an about box near the bottom of your page, which displays your website link.

2) Online Services

See the key here is free, who doesn’t love something for nothing. By offering free services on your web page, in exchange for a link, you are offering a real value. Free online services could be things such as a free consultation via email, search engine submission or even a free email account. However, the key to success with this one is to make sure that you are not offering free services that will eat away at time you could be making money.

For this freebie, you might want to find an automated script, which can help you automate the process, taking up little time. Many free services are provided in the form of pop-up creation or search engine submission.

3) Information

The key to making this freebie work is to make sure that any information you offer on your website is extremely valuable. For example, this could be email courses, audio recordings, ebooks, articles or even reports.

Note: Articles work very well and also work double-time for you. Not only are they offering valuable information, but they can also provide you with backlinks from your visitors’ websites.

4) Affiliate Programs

These are perhaps the most popular freebies. In exchange for a link, you offer your visitors an affiliate program for free. These could be two tiered, click through or pay per sale types of affiliate programs.

You can also come up with your own great ideas for multiplying your links. Some other ideas include cross promoting and joint ventures as well.

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