Buying Vintage Designer Handbags

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Buying vintage designer handbags is a fabulous way of broadening your handbag collection. You should determine whether the fashion bag will be used frequently or if you’re more interested in purchasing it as a collectable. You should follow some of these simple guidelines when purchasing and looking for your vintage handbag.

– You should buy from a reputable dealer. The dealer should be able to answer all your questions and have a reputation for being honest and fair.

– Do not buy anything that is worn out or stained more then just a little. Some wear and tear is a given, it will also add charm to the bag. But too much bag damage can only make the look purse used.

– Know that if you choose to have the bag restored or repaired you decrease the value of the purse. Vintage bags are given value not for only their popularity but for their workmanship.

– Details such does the bag closes properly would one your major concerns. But you could pay top dollar because it could be of the first bags to use magnetic clasping. But perhaps you might be more interested in the appearance rather then the ingenuity and history of the bag.

– Vintage designer bags can be pricey, they can range from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. The price depends on the condition, design, rarity, uniqueness, adornments which could be beading, the materials from which the bag was made from and the age of the bag.

– If you shop online for a vintage fashion designer handbag, trying using different search words such as, purse,bugs,luggage,kids bags, handbags, vintage purses, vintage bags, vintage designer bags, lunch box purses, teen purse,kids purse ,cigar box purses, and so on. Also look for an online shop or boutique that offers great descriptions in details on the items they sell. A description of bag ti self, the age, and a full list of any flaws also a history background on the bag.

A vintage designer bag is right for you if you want a genuine Versace, Gucci or Hermes bag. Selecting your vintage bag can be exciting in its own right. Just do a little research on what’s considered vintage or used. The more value and age the bag has the more likely it will be considered vintage. After all it is a one of kind and no value can be set on that.

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