Signs Of Hidden Covert Cameras

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Convenience stores seem to be one of the most vulnerable places for a robbery, especially all night convenience stores. The need for hidden covert cameras is not only great but a virtual must. Sure the cameras in the ceiling may be good for catching the action during a robbery, but often times, the view of the person’s face isn’t always the greatest. But if you have hidden covert cameras up front and personal, like the one that comes hidden inside a “We ID” counter sign, you are sure to get a great portrait picture of the would be thief that will help police and prosecutors send him packing off to jail in no time at all. They also work just fine for banks and packaging stores. If someone is cashing a stolen check at a bank or planning on holding it up, they will leave a nice up close and personal picture of themselves and never even know it.

Would you like another way to secretly get a shot of those would be thieves as they are leaving your place of business? What better place to hide hidden covert cameras than in the non-threatening, ever present, totally ignored exit sign. Anyone coming into or going out of your place of business has to pass by it. Exit signs are so common place that unless you are specifically looking for one, you don’t pay any attention to their presence, and even if you are looking for one, you certainly would not think that there are covert hidden cameras hidden inside of them. The exit sign hidden covert cameras come in your choice of black and white or full, living color.

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