Child Obesity

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Child Obesity is a medical disorder that is found in young children. Children who suffer from this disorder will typically have a weight that is out of proportion with their age and height. Many countries consider this condition to be an epidemic, and it is common in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Statistics show that one out of every three children living in the US is considered to be overweight. There are a number of elements that are responsible for the rise of child obesity in the US. These three elements are genetics, acquired, and marketing.

Research has shown that children who are born to parents who are obese are likely to become obese themselves. While this is often caused by the excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, and some believe the condition may be genetic as well. However, this research is currently being conducted, and there is no concrete evidence which has currently been found to support this. Some children have been found to become obese because of the way their bodies grow. Another element that many believe is responsible for causing children to become obese is referred to as being acquired.

A large number of children in both the US and UK do not get sufficient amounts of exercise. Certain forms of technology such as computes, cell phones, and video games have created an environment where many children are not burning calories by being physically active. The energy that is not used may be stored in the body in the form of fat. It should be noted that it is not the technology that is responsible for this, but it is the failure on the part of parents to make sure their children are getting reasonable amounts of exercise. In the West, many children eat unhealthy amounts of fast or junk food, which has become quite popular. These foods tend to be rich in saturated fat, and are low in nutrients.

The third element which is often blamed for child obesity is marketing. In the United States and Britain, fast food companies are known for advertising their unhealthy foods to young children, and some parents have begun blaming them for the rise in child obesity. However, the junk food and fast food companies often point out that it is not their responsibility to supervise the diet habits of those who eat their products. They often point out that this is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their children are eating right.

There are a number of complications that can be caused by child obesity. Children can develop dangerous ailments such as heart disease or diabetes, and some may also develop cancer. Many of these children who are overweight will remain the same after they have become adults. Some of these children are humiliated by their peers, and may even be insulted by their own families. Because of this, children who suffer from obesity are prone to suffering from mental disorders. There is current debate about who is responsible for this. While it is easy to blame junk food companies, parents ultimately have the responsibility of making sure their children eat right and exercise.

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