Andropause And Testosterone

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Does male Andropause cause testosterone levels decrease with age? Research tells us that men tend to develop male Andropause more gradually than their female counterpart. Male Andropause can begin as early as the mid-twenties as men begin to lose male hormones including testosterone, thyroid, human growth hormone and DHEA. The aging process begins in earnest because of the loss of hormones.

Because female Andropause is so sudden, the effect of declining hormones is much more obvious. But these same effects in men are more gradual and over time are easier to accommodate, and as a result, they often don’t think to admit that they need help. For the most part, men don’t talk about Andropause. It’s not a manly thing to do. Between the ages of 35-45, men see a marked continual decline in keeping and maintaining erections. Ejaculation is not as powerful, and their stamina and endurance have waned as well.

What happens to men that treat male Andropause by replacing the male hormones? Here is a list of reported changes from men:

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