Michigan Schools Shore Up A Failing School System

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While other states and school districts are searching for progressive and innovative methods to improve student achievement and graduation rates, the Michigan Schools continue to shore up the current failing system, according to The Detroit News. Rather than improving the current system, teachers’ unions act as oversight bullies, the Michigan schools appear to follow their dictates, and legislators just keep pouring money into the Michigan schools, while complaining that funds are limited.

First, money is not the issue. While inflation has risen at a rate of 21 percent, funding for the Michigan schools has risen by of 71 percent. The state legislature funds the Michigan schools annually at the tune of $13 billion, and Michigan schools teachers are among the highest paid educators in the United States.

The problem with the Michigan schools current system is that they are not working hard enough to improve it for the children. They have some excellent educators that work hard for their schools, putting every effort into helping students excel under the current policies and resources. The community should be very grateful for their dedication. Yet, the Michigan schools are still operating under old standards

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