Common Flaws In The Mba Essay And How To Avoid Them

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There are a variety of errors applicants make when filling out their MBA applications. These errors can be avoided by understanding them and double checking your work. Here are the most common errors and how to avoid them.

Careless Errors

There is really no excuse for careless errors, and having even one on your application can affect the way you are perceived. You have more than enough time to proofread and have others look over your essay. If an error slips through, your readers may assume that you are careless, disorganized, or not serious enough about your application.

Remember that spell check does not catch all possible errors, and even grammar check is far from perfect. In addition to typographical errors such as repeated words, you have to read the essay carefully to catch mistakes in meaning that might come in the form of a grammatically correct sentence.

Let these humorous but unfortunate examples be a lesson to read your essay carefully for unintended meanings and meaningless sentences:

* It was like getting admitted to an Ivory League school.

* Berkeley has a reputation of breeding nationalists and communists.

* I’d like to attend a college where I can expose myself to many diverse people.

* I was totally free except for the rules.

* In a word, the experience taught me the importance of dedication, friendship, and goals.

* I have an extensive knowledge of the value of intelligence.

* I envy people with a lot of time in their hands.

Vague Generalities

The most egregious generalizations are the ones that have been used so many times that they have become clich

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