Vocational Schools That You Can Find In Ohio

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Joanne didn’t have any idea what to take up in college. The reason could have been because this person got pregnant at the age of 16. Despite the challenges, the woman was still able to finish high school a year later than this person’s friends.

A few years later over a cup of coffee with some friends, this person thought of going back to school. Joanne may have been clueless that time but was thinking of pursuing business in a vocational school nearby.

Seeing that Joanne was kind of determined, the friends decided to help out in this endeavor. The first thing that had to be done was to check out the various schools in the Internet and see the programs that were being offered.

Joanne didn’t want to study for another four years to get a degree. This helped the friends narrow down the choices to vocational schools that were close by in the state of Ohio.

The first one that sounded interested was the Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. The school offered business administration and management. The program will last 2 years and this could be longer should Joanne is a single mother.

Columbus State and Community College is also another good choice to get that degree. Though this place did not offer business administration, it offered other degrees that can also be finished in a span of two years. The nice thing about the program is that the student can transfer to a 4-year program after completion.

Kent State University offered business and computer management. Some consider this the best of both worlds because people live in an age where technology is at its peak and has the potential of going further in the future.

Before choosing the vocational school to go to, Joanne had to check the how much the tuition was and how reputable the institution is in terms of the success rate of applicants after graduation.

Seeing that many are accredited and offer career counseling to students, Joanne will not have a hard time after getting the degree.

The only thing the person needs to quality for a vocational school is a high school diploma and the results of the General Education Development Test or GED. Since Joanne took this a few years ago, the process of applying will not be that difficult compared to those who dropped out of high school because of teenage pregnancy.

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