Engine Know How Cylinders Torque And Pistons

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Everyone knows that if you want to pack a punch, the 8-cylinder engine is the way to go. You know it, I know it, the car dealer knows it, and if you check with your insurance agent to see if your premiums will increase when you trade in that 4- for an 8-, you can be sure he/she knows it too. But it’s not quite that simple. Which engines really do perform the best? Well, to answer that, we need to look at a few engine basics.

In an engine, pistons (which thrust the fuel into forward motion so to speak) travel down cylinder sleeves allowing valves in the engine to open. These valves are called “intake valves” because once in the open position, they let fuel and air enter the cylinders. When the pistons rise, the amount of space inside the cylinder decreases, causing the fuel and air to compress. As we all know, compressed gases are more flammable. A spark, thanks to the spark plug, ignites the gases in the cylinder causing explosions that send the pistons back down. What goes down, must come back up, right? So when the pistons push back up the second time, a different valve opens

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