Types Of Neck Tie

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Neck tie has always been a passion for men who want to look fashionable and also leave their professional impact upon the society. There are different varieties of neck ties available in the market today that makes it difficult for one to choose from.

Polyester neck ties

Polyester is a strong, easily washable man made fibre that is popularly used in ties because of its hard wearing capabilities. These come in various formats such as polyester, woven polyester or polyester satin. Standard polyester ties have a smooth finish and often have a finish with a rough texture. Polyester satin ties tend to have a silky or satin finish to them so that you get a soft, smooth effect and are considered to be cheaper alternatives to pure silk ties. Satin ties are very popular for weddings. Woven polyester ties can either be smooth or have a visible weave throughout the tie. Polyester ties can be machine washed but it is better to dry clean them.

Silk ties

Silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms and is usually expensive than its polyester equivalent and almost requires dry cleaning. Silk can be printed or woven that tends to be thicker and you shall see a fabric weave running through it. Silk ties have a smooth finish though some silk ties and cravats are made by using rough silk that is textured in comparison.

Plain ties

Plain or solid color ties are silk or polyester ties made up of a single color. Plain ties usually come in smooth satin, textured, smooth silk and woven silk and other wide range of colors. These ties could be worn for everyday use and are much popular for weddings. In addition to standard smooth ties, silk ties that have horizontal or diagonal rib or weave to them that add a light design to a plain colored tie.

Fashion ties

Fashion ties are normally printed or woven silk ties that have a specific pattern or design for example spots or stripes and tend to vary according to seasons. These ties are much similar to designer ties but at half the price.

Cartoon ties

Cartoon ties are those which feature popular cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, bugs bunny and Southpark. These become great gifts for fans of these characters and are much popular as birthday and Christmas gifts.

Novelty ties

Novelty ties are the most popular gifts for father’s day, birthdays and Christmas as well as fun gifts for those occasions when you don’t have the idea what to gift someone. Novelty or themed ties usually portray a specific theme for example science, computers or music and these themes usually contain different styles and designs to choose from. The beauty factor of these ties is that they appeal directly to the recipient’s interest and you can’t go wrong with them.

Other ties include bow ties, clip on ties, extra long ties, boys ties and cravats that go well with your needs and outfits.

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