Congratulate To Spread Joy

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Congratulating everyone for any achievement has become a norm. You pass graduation congratulations will pour in. Get a new child, same story repeated. Get engaged, get married, get a job, a new house, promotion, what ever, congratulations will come in avalanche if you have a big circle of friends and family.

What is the effect of such a message on the sender and the recipient? Let us consider.

In our life, whenever we achieve anything, we need acknowledgement. If no body acknowledges our achievements, we feel useless. For example, consider that you are the only person left on the earth and you get a very large diamond. There is no body else to congratulate you. What will you do with the diamond?

We need acknowledgment. We want to share our joy. We want people to celebrate with us. Without that all is useless. That is why people who have a very small circle of friends and family feel lonely. Similarly those who congratulate feel good. They are sharing some body else’s joy. That is a selfless act. Such acts always give us joy. Whenever you send a congratulatory message, examine your feelings carefully. You will find that you feel good.

Sharing others joy and grief, both connect us. We are all social animals and our satisfaction comes out of that connection. Please send as many Congratulation ecards as you can to make the recipients happy.

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