Lift Chairs Better Bought New

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Everyone likes to save money and get a good deal. That is the main reason we buy something used. There are some things, however, that are better bought new. For example you probably don’t want to buy a used bed from a stranger. Used laptops are also often unreliable. The problem with buying these types of used products is that you really don’t know how they have been treated or how they have been used.

Another item that is best bought new is a Lift Chair. Lift Chairs are comfortable chairs that raise or lower you to a sitting or standing position. They are great when you start to get old and can no longer stand or sit easily. They provide a very valuable service to many older Americans and those with medical disabilities.

There are many reasons that you would not want to buy a used lift chair. For instance while you may save a little money up front, you have no way of knowing how the motor has been treated. The owner may have consistently overworked the motor and it may be on its last leg. If this is the case you will have to spend about $400 to have it replaced. This does not include repairs to the remote or other electrical components.

Another reason not to buy a used lift chair is that often the condition and color of the fabric will not match your existing motif. When you buy it used you are getting what ever the individual decided to buy and are inheriting all of their spills, odors, and wear and tear. It is much better to buy it new from a reputable dealer and pick the colors that will best fit your room.

There is nothing wrong with trying to save money, but there are some things better bought new. Lift Chairs should always be purchased new from a reputable dealer.

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