Trash Talk S Best Tip Picks For 2005

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Dave and Lillian Brummet, authors of the book Trash Talk, offer a free service called Tip of the Month where visitors can learn new reduction and reuse ideas that will save money for the household and office on their website ( Listed below are the favorite Tip Picks of 2005.

May 2005

Cardboard works great for weed control in the yard or garden. Lay out the flattened cardboard first making sure to overlap it by at least six inches. If the weeds are very established or if your weeds are more like small shrubs, do a double or even triple layer to ensure nothing grows through. We found that it is best to wet the cardboard with a sprinkler to soften it before applying the top layer of bark mulch or gravel so the cardboard will settle in and smother all the weeds completely. In as little as one year the cardboard will have composted into a rich loamy soil while the weeds have been killed off by lack of sunlight and air. Simply top off the bark mulch periodically as it too breaks down over the years.

July 2005

Vinyl shower curtains reused make good drop cloths for painting projects. In the garden they can be used as row covers for tender spring plants (when a cold night threatens). Like costly landscape fabric use curtains to control weeds in garden beds. Cut an X at each plant location, plant, then close the X around the plant stem. Cover the entire sheet with rocks, gravel or bark mulch.

October 2005

Promote reading in your community, reduce clutter around your home and your contribution of waste in the landfill, save a buck or two and benefit a charity while you are at it. Just how are you supposed to do all this?

Management of used books and magazines is a very environmental and community conscious thing for people to participate in. Extending the life of books and magazines is easily accomplished by taping the binding and edges of the covers.

Go through your closets and bookshelves and look for all the used books and magazines that you no longer read. Any library, shelters for the disadvantaged, hospitals and missions are all places to consider for donating. Use the key words ‘book donation’ in a search engine to find places to donate to. Here are just a few sites: – lists contact information for organizations that distribute used books. – lists places that accept book donations.

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