Debs Make Your Daughter S Day Truly Special

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Celebrating your daughter’ s graduation from high school requires something very special. Her Debs has to be a night to remember all her life.

What can you do as a parent to help achieve this magical evening? Spend lots of money on her, basically. Pay for make-up, hair dresser and dress. Buy her the new shoes, jewelry and accessories she needs.

The evening’s preparations will last the whole day. There will be hair and makeup appointments, endless phone calls to be made and lots of tears to be shed.

One way to make her day special is to have a Pre-Debs all day getting ready party. Girls love to do things with their friends. So let them.

Suggest that your daughter invite her friends around. Let them take over the house for a day. This is an all female day, so brothers and father need to be sent out for the day.

Book a recommended hairdresser to come around from about 11am. Let the hairdresser know the number of girls and he or she will have a good idea of the time required. The girls will love seeing their friends transformed.

Find a qualified make-up artist who will spend the day with the girls making them look their finest. This may include spray tanning. Consult with the make-up artist whether the spray tanniing needs to be done the day before.

What will the girls do while they are waiting for their turn? They will eat pizza, sweets and chocolate, drink lots of soda and smoke lots of cigarettes.

How can you absolutely guarantee a successful day? Hire a chocolate fountain.

Can you imagine a chocoholic’s fantasy come true? What better way to satisfy the craving for chocolate that so many girls have?

Liquid chocolate in a never-ending flow that guests can see continuously moving exerts an irresistible pull on chocoholics. Watching chocoholics facial expressions at a chocolate fountain is fascinating. They almost drool, just at the sight! Check out for more information.

Marshmallows, strawberries or other fruit is normally provided to dip into the chocolate stream. These can be messy to eat, but it is never going to bother a chocoholic.

You can rent or hire a large chocolate fountain for your party or reception from a large number of companies. You may have to pay a transportation charge because the fountain can weigh up to 45 pounds. The fountain usually comes with chocolate, but many require you to provide the cream that is necessary to liquefy it.

You can buy a small chocolate fountain for use at home from many stores. Alternatively you can rent a large one easily enough.

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