Using Repairing Pinbacks

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Pinbacks are simply the backing found on pins, which are commonly worn on jacket lapels, shirts and even purses for the individual who is truly creative. Crafters often employ pinbacks to create new wearable art for promotion at craft fairs, specialty stores and online auctions.

Pinbacks are commonly found in specialty craft stores, in the craft section of local retail stores and online from companies who specialize in jewelry findings. Pinbacks are very inexpensive and are available in a variety of metals, including goldtone, silvertone, genuine gold and genuine silver. They are generally sold in quantity, which means they are in packages of 25 to 100 pieces or even more. As a rule, the more you buy, the more you save.

Depending on the problem, some pinbacks can be easily repaired. In a simple case where pinbacks become loosened from their base, they can simply be reapplied with the use of jewelry adhesive. If the actual pin breaks, the repair may involve the complete removal and replacement of pinbacks. In simplest terms, if pinbacks can be reapplied, this is the easiest method of repair. If they are beyond repair, simply remove the pinback altogether and replace it with a new one.

If you are a crafter and plan to use pinbacks for a new creation, always test it’s functionality prior to applying it to the back of the craft. There is nothing worse then securing a pinback only to find that it will not open or close properly, which forces you to then have to remove and replace it.

If you are not a crafter, but rather a customer who recently purchased a product only to have the pinback to break, consider asking a local jeweler to handle the repairs for you. Most local jewelers can repair or replace jewelry at a minimal cost. This is especially the case if the item is gold or silver, which can be a more difficult metal to find in pinbacks. In addition, unless you are experienced in the art of jewelry repair, you will probably not want to practice your skill with precious metals.

Pinbacks feature small and sharp points, which means they must be handled with care. Pinbacks are not be left with an unsupervised child and should not be left lying around when children are inside the home. Instead, pinbacks and other crafting material should be placed in a locked drawer or up high enough so that a child cannot reach them.

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