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Many people do not like to admit when they need help. They may think that by asking for help they are showing weakness, showing their age, or putting an undo burden on their family. Really, it is the simple things that can be the hardest to ask for help for. This includes things like getting up off the couch or going to the bathroom. These simple tasks are no longer all that simple when you start to get older, but they do not have to be impossible to do on your own. Lift chairs help you reclaim your independence and keep you from having to rely on your family or friends to do these tasks.

Lift chairs are used to lift an individual into a standing position or to lower them into a sitting position. When many people think of this type of home medical equipment they picture a cold sterile looking hospital like device that has handrails. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lift chairs come in all shapes and sizes. With many great types of fabrics that are resistant to stains and will look great in any room, lift chairs can become a handsome addition to any room.

Lift chairs are also extremely comfortable. Depending on the type of chair you get some have built in massage and heat. This means that while you are watching your favorite TV program, you can get a four star massage and heat treatment. You will literally leave these chairs feeling completely rested and comfortable. Even if you do not opt for the heat and massage package, these chairs are still incredibly comfortable.

Many quality distributors offer what is referred to as infinite position adjustment. These chairs work by utilizing two motors. One operates the back rest and the other operates the foot rest, or ottoman. This allows the seated individual complete control over the positioning of the chair and means it is easy to find that perfect sitting, sleeping, or reading position. The backrest and the ottoman operate independently of one another in an infinite position chair and can produce a completely horizontal “sleeping position.”

Generally most other lift chairs purchased from quality distributors will be either 2 or 3 position chairs. In both 2 position and 3 position lift chairs, the ottoman and backrest will operate together. A 2 position lift chair can recline about 45 degrees and is perfect for watching TV. The 3 position lift chair will recline as much if not more than your average Lazy Boy Recliner. Many people think that 2 or 3 position chairs can only go to 2 or 3 positions. This is not true because these chairs can be stopped at any point up to their maximum recline point. This means that it is very easy to find that special sitting position that takes the strain off of your back or puts you at just the right angle to watch TV.

If you or a family member has trouble sitting down or standing up a lift chair is for you. They are extremely comfortable, can add an air of elegance to your living room, and will give you a whole new feeling of independence.

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