Organic Treats Are A Sweet Choice For Your Valentine

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Red roses and chocolate are the quintessential presents for loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but the conventional production of these gifts is anything but sweet for the environment and for the workers who produce them.

This Valentine’s Day, you can treat your loved one and honor the environment at the same time by purchasing organic flowers and chocolates.

“The organic versions of these treats are some of the highest quality available,” said Katherine DiMatteo, executive director for the Organic Trade Association. “According to many, organic flowers are more fragrant and last longer than their conventional counterparts and the organic chocolates being produced today are some of the finest tasting in the world.”

To achieve a flawless appearance, conventional flowers are grown in massive greenhouses that utilize large quantities of pesticides. Organic flowers, however, are grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. This makes it better for the surrounding environment and farm workers as well as the end recipient who can thoroughly enjoy the wonderful scents of an organic bouquet.

The production of conventional cocoa is second only to cotton production in pesticide use, according to the Pesticide Action Network. Conversely, organic cocoa is cultivated on plots under a shade canopy that preserve critical elements of the native tropical forests. Biologists have determined that this environmentally sound method of farming helps to maintain biodiversity and protect the winter habitat of millions of migratory songbirds.

Organic chocolates are created with the finest of care to ensure optimum quality and a rich, indulgent taste. Organic ingredients must be certified, and no ingredients can be genetically modified.

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