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The market for motorcycles is huge, and there are more and more motorcycles that are specialized and they are selling better than ever. The industry is taking advantage of all the new technologies that are available. You often hear a lot about these “dream” bikes, because that is what they should be for someone who is a beginner to the sport of motorcycling. You don’t hear so much about motorcycles the beginner should be riding, until they have the skills to move on to a motorcycle with a little more muscle.

In the 60s and 70s a motorcycle that was considered small was one that had 50cc to 125cc; the intermediate motorcycles were the 150cc and 200cc. Motorcycles that have 250 through 500cc were considered midsize, and motorcycles whose engine was 600cc or more, was considered a big bike. Motorcycles come in 1400 through 1800cc these days and those are the big bikes. It is no wonder as these are heavyweight bikes.

It is true that the motorcycle world is mostly made up of experienced riders, but it has given new riders very little choice when it comes time to buy his or her first motorcycle. Motorcycle manufacturers are selling bikes with up to 800cc as beginner’s bikes.

As an example a bike that was 800cc or more was considered a bike for an experienced rider, and now because larger and larger bikes are being manufactured, 800cc seems low compared to the monster motorcycles you will see at the dealership that has 1800cc. For dealers to recommend that a beginning rider purchases any 600cc or larger is like putting your kid in the car with the keys and saying, “Have at it.”

Don’t despair; there is a bike out there for you to learn safely on until you are ready for the bigger guns. Standards and cruisers are a much better for the beginner than a sport bike. Riding a standard or a cruiser is a much more versatile ride. You can drive them on the interstate, country lanes or city streets. You can use this kind of bike to commute to work, or take a ride in the country over the weekend. The novice rider will find that a standard or a cruiser handles easier when you are traveling at lower speeds. This is usually when a tip over is most likely to happen.

Experts in the world of motorcycling recommend that for your first bike a 125cc-250cc is the best choice. They are typically easier to maneuver, cheaper to repair should you have a mishap; they are lighter and easier to balance. In short, this type of bike will be less likely to cause the novice rider to get into any trouble.

You can find websites for more information about purchasing a good beginners bike before you go out and buy that fantasy bike. Once you learn proper riding methods and safety techniques, you will be ready to trade your old bike for something with a little more power and a bit more speed.

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