Fascinating Firewood Racks

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Firewood Racks are enclosures where cut firewood longs can be stored for use in fireplace. Firewood rack helps to stack the firewood logs properly and the stacked firewood slowly gets dry. The firewood rack must be elevated and has protection from dew and rain. Firewood may be attached by termites or ants and needs good firewood rack to protect. The firewood rack must be set at a distance from home so that it prevents insects and snakes entering home. Firewood may be stacked in racks that allow air circulation and seasoning of firewood during the course of time. Firewood racks helps to keep the seasoned firewood or unseasoned firewood off the ground. When firewood stored on the good takes long time to cure. Portable racks are also available which has wheels so that the firewood logs can be moved to any place.

Top of the firewood racks must be covered properly with heavy-duty vinyl covers to protect the firewood and make available ready to burn. Firewood racks made up of steel is widely used and they also fitted with wheels to make it mobile. Firewood racks which can hold

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