The Secret When You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat Part 54

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Together we walked along a lovely pathway in a garden of exquisite beauty.Flowers with the most delicate forms blended their exotic scents to perfume the air with an ever so subtle fragrance. Surely, I thought, Eden must have looked like this. Birds with brilliant-colored plumes sang while painted butterflies danced in fluttering pirouettes creating a rainbow of colors.

We crossed a nearby clearing into the midst of a garden party. The tables and chairs were neatly arranged beneath the tangle of outstretched branches, which served as a sheltering canopy. The comforting sounds of talking and laughter rang out all around us. As we approached a table on the far side of the clearing, a stillness fell over the crowd. A closer look indicated that there was but one person sitting at that table. That person was God, appearing just as I had seen Him in the Big City. “Hello, Lord, What are you doing sitting all alone?” I asked.

“Sometimes it gets lonely being God. Please sit,” He said gesturing in our direction. We pulled up chairs and joined Him.

“Where are we? Could this place be heaven,Lord?” I asked.

“No. This isn’t heaven. Heaven is neither here nor there. Let me assure you, heaven is closer to you than you think. It’s within you. All of this comes from what’s within you. Both heaven and hell are within your mind. All you have to do is choose which you’d like to have.”

“Bless you, Lord,” was all I could say. Realizing how ridiculously stupid I must have appeared,I quickly apologized.”Don’t be embarrassed, John. It’s generally the intent that’s important,” said God.

“Thank you,Sir,” I replied as Marla and Gideon giggled in amusement at my predicament.

“Why don’t you say something, Gideon?” I asked, feeling at a loss for words.

“This is your party, John. We’re celebrating your visit.”

Word count: 314

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