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Today, a car is not just a set of wheels that gets you from one place to another. With innovative new gizmos and gadgets added to tweak its performance and enhance its snazzy good looks, today’s car is a statement of style and class. People from as recently as the previous generation would be absolutely flabbergasted if they saw some of the cars today. It’s something they would not even have dreamed about.

Consider just the safety features of the 2007 Lexus ES 350. As part of its standard equipment this model has Traction Control (TTRAC) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), which controls wheelspin with automatic brake and throttle adjsutment. Besides the eight standard airbags, it also offers knee bags for the front two seats as well as side-curtain airbags for the protection of all outwardly sitting positions. Other optional safety equipment includes the state-of-the-art Intelligent Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) which even illuminates around curves with a clever swiveling headlight.

The redesigned 2006 Infiniti M features a new Lane Departure Warning system, which alerts the driver in case of unintended lane change. This is accomplished by a high sensitive device that recognizes lane markings and calculates the distance between the marking and the car. Sports models feature a Rear Active Steer system that adjusts the geometry of the rear end to suit the vehicle speed and the steering input.

The Acura RL from Honda offers its drivers real-time traffic information, a feature not seen in any other model of car. The RL’s 8-inch navigation screen displays XM NavTraffic traffic information data including accidents, traffic flow and freeway construction in select metro areas. The driver gets an accident update every minute and traffic-flow information is updated every five minutes.

With a massive rail-to-rail sunroof, the New Corsa is a must-have for owners who like the extra freedom of glass. A touch of a button enables its passengers to enjoy open air driving and a special wind deflector and dual-space seal system eliminate excess wind noise when the roof is open. In hot weather, an extra sliding blind protector protects passengers from the direct sunlight. Other innovative features of the New Corsa include halogen AFL curve lighting, translucent interior dials and follow-me-home lighting. Select New Corsa models feature a highly sophisticated electronics and infotainment system that allow up to five drivers to program the car to their preference. Driver preference settings can be stored in the key and include individual choices of climate control as well as favored radio station.

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