How A Life Coach Can Double Your Income This Year

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Remember the last time you attended a training program, seminar or other motivational event and left feeling energized and ready to truly take your business to the next level? What happened a few days later? Chances are, the same old habits started to creep back into your life almost immediately. That focused energy you felt just a few days earlier dwindled to a mere spark. We’ve all experienced that kind of letdown. But what if there was a way to keep that energy level constantly high – so high, in fact, that you couldn’t help but move forward?

That’s exactly what a life coach can do for your career. I’ve seen it time and time again. From the time I was 15 and started my own successful mobile DJ business to today, as I coach everyone from teens to seasoned sales reps to achieve the life they’ve always dreamed. I’ve found that even people who are initially reluctant to try a life coach change their attitude once they experience just one initial coaching session (that’s one of the reasons why I always offer a free empowerment session through my website at

The right life coach can literally help you double your income this year. Here’s how to choose a life coach that will have the most impact on your career:

* You – not your coach — should always be the focus. A good life coach never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. I’ve seen firsthand that what works for one client might be a totally inappropriate approach for another. If you get the feeling that your life coach isn’t tailoring the experience for YOU, maybe it’s time to move on.

* A life coach must take the time to learn your values and your life’s purpose. No two people will have the same combination of beliefs and goals. It’s your life coach’s responsibility to learn both, and to bring you back on track if you stray from either one.

* The best life coaches are never afraid to tell you the truth. It does you no good if your life coach is simply a cheerleader. True, that’s part of it. But for a life coach to truly have the kind of impact that’s going to double your income, he or she has to also be willing to honestly discuss those areas of your life or career that need improvement.

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