Ask The German Way

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When you’re traveling to a non-English speaking country, you always need to know information about the food, things to do, places to go, prices to pay and the time. So you won’t get lost, you need to ask for directions early on from some locals or if you want to know the total amount of expenses you have so far, you still need to do the same thing – ask..

But whatever reason you have, asking questions is a good way of gathering information around you. Go to where the information is, not let them come to you. So if you’re in Germany, don’t hesitate to ask.

But one thing you should remember, get to know first question phrases to get your message across easily.

Question sentences always begin with question words:



Where contaminated



Where to…?

How much…?

When you’re traveling however, you will most likely use everything on the list above when asking a question except ‘why’.

In the German language they are:

Was…? = What

Wann…? = When

Wo…? = Where

Wer…? = Who

Wohin…? = Where to?

Wie viel…? = How much?

Carrying around an English-German dictionary, German map and at least a mini German translation book will keep you on track of what you want to ask at any given time. Let’s say you want to remember one place that you wanted to go to since the minute you stepped foot on German boundaries. A way to remember the place is to practice saying it with the entire sentence altogether.

Wo ist der Jahrmarkt?

In English, it means ‘where is the fairground?’. What you can do is picture a big jar with the market place printed on it. This usually works great in remembering certain words or phrases easily. What you only need to do is to picture an image of the word in a funny way so every time you think of the object that you have associated the word with, you will then remember what you have set to remember.

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