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If you have ADD and you’re in a situation right now where you want an end result, whatever that may be, say… Make more money. And you’re very specific about that end result, but have no idea how to get there, you have to ask more questions. It’s the only answer.

Successful people generally do things in an ADD way that they don’t really realize. Here’s the ADD way – step one is decide what you want very specifically. I’m making $2,000 a month; I want to make $5,000 a month. That’s your end result.

From knowing the end result, you have to back into things, which is a very good way for people with ADD to do things. This is where the questions start. You have to start asking more questions. Ask yourself first, “How could I go from $2,000 a month to $3,000 a month?” Now you get to use your incredible ADD creativity.

You decide, “I could get more clients,” or “I could leverage this or that.” Get your ADD brain cranking on ideas. Whatever the specifics are, you get to use your creativity in asking more questions in a really positive way.

To be more successful, whether you have ADD or not, you have to decide what you want and then, go ask people how to get there.

For a lot of people with ADD, deciding what they want is a real challenge. Making that decision on what you want can be very, very difficult. That’s one major concept that really runs throughout all the axioms. There are methods and ways you can decide exactly what you want.

One of the things people face is they decide what they want and then they come up with a new great idea. Well, who do you ask? Do you ask your neighbors? Do you ask your relatives?

If you’re trying to do something in business, for example, let’s say, trying to figure out a new ADD-friendly system for your business. The obvious choice would be to ask someone who understands technology, how to do a particular thing.

But, you never know who’s going to be around you. That’s the thing. So many ADD people get stuck with “I don’t know who to ask.” So, they get stuck on that.

So, OK… When your dog gets sick, do you ask a friend who’s never had a dog and raises parakeets how to get your dog healthy? No. You call the vet because the vet has expertise that you don’t have about dogs.

Or, if you were trying to make a million dollars, would you ask someone who’s on welfare? Definitely no. You would want to ask somebody who’s already been there and already knows. But what if you can’t find someone who’s already made a million dollars? Who would you ask?

Somebody who has made half a million. Or $100,000, right?

The point here is: Don’t allow your ADD brain to stop you. Ask advice from people who are smarter than you and people who have done what you’re trying to do, or at least something that’s like what you’re trying to do. The whole point here is get an idea and ask lots of questions. It will generate more ideas, but make sure you’re asking the right people, people who know what they’re talking about.

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