Do You Value Yourself

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We all live. We all work. We all wish to have a family, have children, retire peacefully and then pass away. Is that all in our life? What is the true value you put to your life? What are you? What do you want to achieve so that you make a difference in the world? What memories you want to leave? These are questions all of us must ask. Billions of people in the world lead a routine life and pass away. Is that enough/ Can we not do something better? How to make ourselves valuable?

We make ourselves by giving. When we make others happy, we become happy. When we do something unselfishly, we feel good. Most of the problems in our life arise because of absence of giving. Marriages are getting broken for small reasons, because neither the husband nor the wife wants to give in. Both have their demands that must be met, otherwise separation.

Every child wants admission in the best college. Every person wants the best job. Everybody wants the best comfort. All of us want. What about giving? Few of us do that and that is our problem for dissatisfaction in our own life. We are slowly losing our self-esteem because of our own behavior.

Once we begin giving, we will be rebuilding our esteem. Try to help those around you. Tolerate few nuisances. Forgive others for their faults. Don’t hurt people with harsh words. Don’t act in a manner that destroys a life. Contribute to the world so that the world remembers us for our goodness. All of us may not become saints, but we can surely follow in their footsteps.

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