Disneyland Ticket Security

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You must have your Disneyland ticket in order to

enter the park. You must also have the ticket to get

FastPass tickets. Because this ticket is so

important, it needs to be kept in a safe place. Along

with the Disneyland ticket, you also need a safe

place to keep money or the Disneyland Merchandise


A wallet or purse is not very practical at Disneyland.

Instead, you should purchase a FastPass holder –

even if you don’t get any FastPasses. This is a small

plastic pouch that hangs from a cord, which is worn

around the neck. These can be purchased at

Disneyland, and they are very inexpensive.

If you think you might not want to spend a little bit of

money on the FastPass holder, you should consider

what a new Disneyland ticket will cost. If you lose

your Disneyland ticket, you will not be allowed to

enter the park the next day without purchasing a new

ticket. When you look at the small cost of the

Disneyland FastPass holder, you will see that it is

well worth it.

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