Websites In The Sand

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Every once in a while I am reminded that working from home is a dream come true. Sometimes it’s a subtle reminder – a hug from my daughter or a bike ride with my son. Other times it just takes my breath away.

A few days ago, I had a reminder that took my breath away. My husband and I were standing on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, a few miles from our home. It was our weekly brainstorming session. Once each week, we drop off the kids at school, buy a latte and plan our workweek. This week, we decided to meet at the beach.

We talked and drank our coffee, enjoying the salt air and the sounds of the waves crashing near us. I had my shoes off, and was enjoying the feel of the perfect white sand. Butterflies danced around us, and my hair kept blowing in my face. It was the perfect day.

One of the items on our agenda was the design of a new website. My husband smiled as he excitedly described what he had planned. I looked back at him, not quite understanding.

He picked up a stick, sat down and began drawing in the sand. First, a rectangle, then more lines and arrows as a website took shape. He talked and squinted up at me, looking for my approval. I took the stick from him and drew another rectangle next to his, offering ideas of my own.

We sketched and debated different layouts and the benefits of each decision on Search Engines and ease of navigation.

After we had created a row of rectangles down the beach, I smiled at our progress pleased that we had come to an agreement.

The meeting was over, we held hands and walked away, while the waves washed away all evidence of our meeting.

My husband paused and said “This is what working at home is all about.”

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