Diamond Scams

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When it comes to diamonds, there are

numerous scams to avoid. Most scams are

minor, but there are some major ones that

come up from time to time concerning the

buying and selling of diamonds. Scams

occur simply because most people who buy

diamonds – for whatever reasons – don’t

know that much about diamonds. Therefore,

they are easily fooled.

A common scam that most jewelry stores

participate in is the Carat Total Weight scam.

The tag on the piece of jewelry, usually a ring,

only states the total carat weight of all

diamonds in the piece, instead of listing the

total weights separately for each diamond.

This leads consumers to believe that the main

diamond in the piece is actually bigger than it

is. Ask what the total carat weight of the center

stone is. Also beware of fractions. Jewelry

stores are allowed to round off diamond

weights. This means that if the jeweler tells

you that it is a

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