How Diamonds Are Cut

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In their most natural form, diamonds are –

well – quite ugly. They have no luster or shine,

and in fact, look like nothing more than

broken glass. A diamond must be cut, and

then polished before it actually becomes a

thing of beauty.

Diamonds are cut with saws, into round

shapes. From the rounded shape, other

shapes may be cut, such as heart shapes

– but the shape is less important than the

quality of the cutting that is being done. If

the diamond is poorly cut, it will lose light,

and it will not sparkle and shine very well.

Each facet of the diamond must be

carefully cut into the geometrical shapes

that allow the diamond to sparkle and

shine, then the entire diamond is cut into

a specific shape, such as an emerald cut

or a princess cut diamond.

Once the cut is done, the diamond is put into

a dop, which resembles a cup with another

diamond – only a diamond is strong enough

to smooth the edges of another diamond.

Once the diamond has been cut and shaped,

and had the edges smoothed in the dop, it is

polished on a scaif or a diamond polishing


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