Why You Should Care At All About Choosing A Bank And What To Watch Out For

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People quite often make decisions impulsively, without considering the consequences. This may work okay in some situations but it could come back to bite you when dealing with financial topics like investments, financing, refinancing, insurance and mortgages. To be a wise investor we should take some time to consider and know more about the place where we are going to deposit our money.

A very wide array of banks exist. Just to name a few that you’ll probably recognize; Citizen Bank, Well Fargo Bank, Region Bank and Scotia Banks.

Here are some guidelines to consider before choosing a bank:

1. Location: While choosing a bank, you must consider the location. If you wish to access your bank account regularly then you should choose a bank located near to your business place or home.

2. Availability of ATM Machines: Always choose a bank with a large number of ATM machines close by. Also, regarding the ATM’s you should ensure they can provide the following services: a) Do the ATM machines allow you to make deposits? b) Do they give printout statements of transaction made by you? Most do nowadays but some countries may not. c) Can you order more checques through the ATM?

3. Telephone Banking: If you are a very busy person and can not go to the bank during banking hours then you should choose a bank, which can provide you with telephone banking services. With telephone banking you can make transactions and check on your account anytime of the day. With the help of telephone banking you can do the following operations:

a) Transfer money from your account to pay utility bills.

b) Cancel recent transactions.

c) Order another cheque book.

d) Sign up for additional services like loans, credit cards or lines of credit. 5. Internet Banking: Internet banking allows you to perform the same services as telephone banking. But here inquiries and transactions can be done via any internet connection through the banks website. If they have one! So do ask as it’s a great convenience when traveling.

If you are searching a bank for small business, here are some guidelines to help you while choosing a bank. 1. Again, consider the location and make sure the bank understands the nature of your business to meet your requirements. For example, if your run a movie rental business that’s open till midnight you may want to do late night or very early morning deposits. So in this case ensure the bank has a night deposit box. 2. Find out the transaction fees and don’t assume the fees are similar to personal accounts. Banks generally charge businesses way more due to the increase in transactions. 3. Find out the rates for small business loans or lines of credit and the turn around time to secure funding. You may find you’re self in a situation where you need an extra few thousand or more to secure better pricing on bulk orders of supplies or something else.

The above list is in now way exhaustive but a place to begin if you’re just now looking or considering a switch.

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