Dallas Cowboys 2006 Preview

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Last season for the Dallas Cowboys was bittersweet. On one hand, they managed to rebound from their poor 2004 season. However, they failed to make the playoffs, despite a 9-7 record, by one game. Their archenemy, Washington, picked up 10 wins and made it in. This season has been filled with movement, and the Cowboys are hoping they have the right mix for the 2006 season.

Key Additions

The single most important addition is wide receiver Terrell Owens. He gives the Cowboys speed and a bona fide playmaker. He might also give them headaches and turmoil. See the Eagles of 2005. Owner Jerry Jones loves to gamble and show his Texas flash. This is a huge gambler for the Cowboys, but if it works out, they can smile big when they play the Eagles.


The quarterback position is filled by Drew Bledsoe. He has fourteen years experience. However, this is a good and bad thing. How many more years does he have left in him? He had far too many interceptions last year. Also, there are depth issues with the Cowboys. If Bledsoe fails or gets hurt, the Cowboys will need to rely on backup QB Drew Henson. While he went to NFL Europe for some practice, he’s too green to lead a team to the playoffs.

Running Backs

The running back position is another concern for the Cowboys. They will probably go to a dual system and alternate between Julius Jones and Marion Barber. Jones has been pretty solid

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