Trends In The Wholesale And Retail Loose Leaf Tea Industry

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The tea industry in the United Sates is a growth industry and the role of retailers or value added resellers has played an important part in the overall expansion. Value added resellers and retailers add significant value to the tea industry as they bundle tea offerings with quality dining and other services but they must be supported by comprehensive wholesale programs that are reliable , consistent and profitable.

What trends are driving the market?

In most countries in the world, tea is the second most popular beverage after water. The one exception is tea drinking in the United States. But the market for quality loose leaf tea has unlimited upside potential for tea drinkers in this country.

The market for high quality loose leaf tea is experiencing strong growth and this is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The growth of revenue and profits in the value added retail sector of the market is also very strong particularly when tea is prepared and presented as a part of a total offering in tea rooms, fine dining establishments and hotels.

There are a number of factors influencing this growth in loose leaf tea demand:

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