How To Make Your Own Dehydrated Bananas

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Dehydrating any types of fruit and especially dehydrating bananas can be a very difficult task. Do you really want to have your oven on for 15 hours at a temperature of 130 Degrees Fahrenheit may dry them fine, but they just do not taste very nice? Unfortunately when dehydrating bananas they lose a lot of their flavour and you are often left with a faintly sweet, spongy feeling disc of fruit.

But those bananas which have been dehydrated commercially are beautifully crunchy and taste great. However, the way they are produced is not good for those who are extremely conscience about what they eat as they are deep fried. What happens is that the slices of banana are deep fried in coconut oil and then dipped into sugar water to provide that glistening sheen to them.

So as you can see producing dehydrated bananas takes more than just using high temperatures and lots of patience and surely there is a much healthier way of cooking them that does not involve us using fat.

Well hopefully the recipe shown below will produce the ideal dehydrated banana without removing any of the fruit’s flavour and nutrients.

Firstly cut the bananas into equal sized slices and place them on a mesh sheet.

Now soak them in some fresh lemon juice for about 5 minutes (however, any citrus juice will do so if you want use any time of unsweented juice that you like).

To dehydrate them place them in an oven set at 125 Degrees Fahrenheit for 18 hours and take them out of oven as soon as they have become pliable and are not crunchy. Remember the ones that you purchase in stores which are crunchy are dehydrated by deep frying them rather than actually drying them.

Now that you have dehydrated your own bananas why not try using them in alternative ways for example add them to your banana bread to produce a pleasant zing taste your recipe. Or why don’t you just throw them in to your next bowl of porridge or oatmeal in the morning to add a pleasant crunch and some natural sweetness, why not add some honey as well.

But as you can see making a sweet alternative healthy snack for yourself is simple and won’t taste like bits of bricks.

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