Tips On How To Choose A Gift Wine

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Wine makes a fantastic gift, one that can be enjoyed by both giver and recipient or saved for a special moment. You don’t have to worry about wine being the right size or spending an eternity at the back of a closet. If you’re considering giving the gift of wine, here are a few tips for making your choice and a quick breakdown of the different types of wine available.

Before you start, pick your price. When in doubt, go with a mid-range bottle. If you’re having trouble making a choice and don’t want to go over the top, pick a basic Cabernet Sauvignon at a middle price point. If you want something for a more special occasion, go with a Champagne or vintage, but don’t skimp.

Try something older. It’s not very often that the casual wine drinker gets to enjoy a vintage bottle. It may be something we think of fleetingly at a restaurant, but never stop to get for ourselves. A vintage bottle of wine can make a fantastic gift for the wine lover. If you’re not sure, ask your wine store clerk. They are full of information and are almost always happy to help.

Include a few accessories. If you’re gifting wine and want to add a little something extra, try topping off your present with a crafted wine stopper or a gift certificate for dinner at a nearby winery.

Think about the type of wine you want to buy. Some of the most common and popular wine types are; Merlot, a great choice for new red-wine drinkers; Cabernet Sauvignon, a full-bodied red wine; Pinot Noir, a much more delicate and fruity red; Chardonnay, a dry and citrusy white wine; Sauvignon Blanc, a light wine; and the Reisling, a very dry but still fresh white. Almost any of these choices are sure to be a hit.

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