We Buy Annuity Payments

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We Buy Annuity Payments

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Get Lump Sum Cash for Annuity Payments

We at SSI buy annuity payments, helping annuitants through all the stages. You get lump sum cash for your annuity entitlements, providing immediate liquidity instead of being bound to an inflexible schedule of future payments.

Cash For Annuity – When Would You Need It?

Your situation could change from when you executed an annuity agreement. These agreements are often made with the best of intentions and after careful planning. However, nobody can predict the future with any reasonable degree of accuracy. Particularly when that future extends to 20 years or so into the future.

A new opportunity might appear suddenly. A house could come on the market at a bargain price or at your ideal location. Or you could get admitted to a college program that would enhance your career prospects. You feel that it would be an unwise decision to forego the opportunity.

You would need immediate cash to utilize such unforeseen opportunities. Selling your annuity is one way to raise that cash. Most states have passed laws that allow access to your annuity payments. A judicial review process would examine whether the transaction is in the annuitant’s best interest. If the review confirms this to be the case, judicial approval to the transaction would follow.

We all fall sick at times and could find it necessary to exchange our annuity entitlements for lump sum cash to meet heavy medical expenses.

The above are just a few examples of the occasions you might need lump sum cash for annuity payments. We at SSI would help you through the process by assessing your needs and developing a plan that would be in your best interests.

We would buy annuity payments due to you in part or full, depending on a review of your needs, and help you get through the legal formalities.

How Do We Buy Annuity Payments?

It is not necessary to sell your entire annuity payments. In fact, it is not advisable in many cases. It is better to cash out only a certain number, or percentage, of the remaining annuities. That way, you would get immediate cash for meeting urgent needs and also would get the unsold annuities when these become due.

SSI would help you determine the best options that would ensure meeting your needs while safeguarding your interests. The fact that a judicial process is involved would ensure that your interests are always kept in the picture.

The typical process involves determining the Present Value of the annuities that you are selling. Present Value is the value of the annuities discounted for the time delays in receiving the moneys. A dollar received after one year is of lesser value than a dollar received now. For example, at 6% interest, 1000 dollars become 1060 dollars at the end of one year. So the Present Value of 1060 dollars received at the end of one year is only 1000 dollars now.

Having determined the Present Value of the annuities, we would give you a quote at which we would buy your annuity payments. When you accept our offer, the process of getting judicial approval would be set in motion.

The judicial process would typically take a few weeks and we would pay you at the end of that process.

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