Lincoln Group Republican Party Cia Spies Garfield Media Talking Head

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CONSPIRACY, intrigue, bribery and influence that may go clear up the ladder to Presdient George W(eak) Bush, Lincoln Group seems to have it all. A company that seems to have materialized from out of the mist snags major DOD contracts, including one for a 100 million dollars in psyhops work. Included on their board is Christian Bailey, and Andrew Garfield who seems to be a man of many IMPORTANT hats, including a media darling talking head with strong ties to both the Republican conservative think tanks, and 10 Downing Street. How did a company started by two 30 something’s men have such a meteoric rise, how did they get Andrew Garfield on their board, and even more importantly, why in the blink of and eye did three of their board members dissappear over night? Furthermore, how is this company being able to make their trail on the Internet dissappear…several pages on the Internet have simply vanished since this whole Pentagon planted story scandal has hit the press.

These Three people were listed as key members of the board on Lincoln Group website two days ago, but have not vanished.

Huy Kameron Hoang – Director, Lincoln Innovation Lab

James Sutton – Country Manager, Iraq

Brian Swift – Project Manager, IBC

The press so far seems to be deliberating steering away from any serious investigation of Lincoln Group, though there seems to be plenty of areas ripe for the harvesting of a major story. As mentioned in other areas of this blog, Christian Bailey was listed as being intimately involved in the 2004 Republican Party National Convention held in New York City. Christian Bailey was a FOUNDING member of Lead 21, a fast moving group of young wealthy republicans, yet in the past two days, any mention of him has simply VANISHED from their website. It should be mentioned here, that some of Lead 21’s members are NOW WORKING in the Bush Administration. “These are going to be the big supporters, the big donors to the Republican Party in five years’ time,” Bailey told The New York Times in an Aug. 31, 2004, video interview during a Lead21 party at the Republican convention in New York.Wonder if my message there made some people nervious? Furthermore, the company has admitted to working with well over 300 reporters in Iraq.

Perhaps a clue is found in Andrew Garfield, who is no stranger to the news media, and who in fact could be classified as a pundit of all things which concern the military and the war on terrorists. What I find odd, is Andrew Garfield’s apparent involvements with Jihad Camp, which is a learning center to teach American law enforcement how to think more like a terrorist…I find it interesting, because this camp just happens to be on the grounds of the private security company that provided Bremmer with his security force while he was in charge over in Iraq. Is this the foot in the door that was used to give Lincoln Group such incredible access to various press sources in Iraq.

Christian Bailey said, “Iraqex began handling PR work for private entities in sectors like manufacturing and finance within the country last year and has established close ties with 300-400 members of the Iraqi media.”

This quote makes one wonder just how many stories were leaked, and in just how many newspapers as well.

This blog is not the only one that smells a rat in the Lincoln Group rise to stardom status within the beltway of Washington DC. The Project on Government Oversight was quoted as saying, “Any time we see leaders who cultivate political influence for a particular party suddenly receive major government contracts, it sends up red flags,” It is suggested, that there are a lot of red flags, and lots of explaining that is not forthcoming. For instance, Lincoln Group admits to having relationships with over 300 reporters in Iraq through their subsidiary Iragex, which has since changed its name to that of its parent company, Lincoln Group. Are those relationships far more than that? In a press release, Iraqex states they have OVER 300 EMPLOYEES in Iraq!

“Iraqex benefits from strong relationships in Iraq, the U.S. and internationally. In Iraq, it has cultivated relationships with the Iraqi national government, municipalities, tribal leaders, prominent families, and the business community. Iraqex has a thriving network of offices from Basra in the South to Zakho in the North and employs over 300 Iraqis. In the U.S., Iraqex enjoys select relationships in Congress, the Administration, OPIC, ExIm Bank, and the U.S. Department of State.”

A theory of SUPER CONSPIRACY deepens when you see that Lincoln Group has listed as a sub contractor, the Republican Power House and King maker BKSH and Associates, and organization presented a bipartisan, but is actually a part of Burso-Marstell (supposedly world’s fifth largest PR firm), which is run by world reknowned Republican strategist Charles R. Black, Jr., who served both Ronald Reagan, and the first President Bush as well as acting as a spokesperson for the Republican Party. The firms LOBBYIST specialize in the design and execution of programs to help shape public policy. Cozy relationship in light of the purported purpose and scope of the Pentagon’s 100 Million dollar contract with Lincoln Group when you consider that BKSH brags about its ability to mount US, pan-European and transatlantic campaigns. Odder still, is the fact that The New Yorker back in February of 2004 reported that Black was considering opening up an office in Bahgdad…just months before Lincoln Group(Iraqex) got their first major contract (over five million dollars) in September of 2004. Did they have inside information? His comments in the New Yorker seem rather amusing in hindsight, as Black stated:

“The problem in Iraq so far is it’s slow, and very confusing for people to figure out how to do business there … One week you go to Baghdad, and they say the decisions are being made at the Pentagon. Then you go to the Pentagon, and they say the decisions are being made in Baghdad. Only Halliburton is making money now!,” he told New Yorker. “Is there too much cronyism? I just wish I could find the cronies,”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. In July 2005 O’Dwyers PR Daily Reported that Lincoln Group had retained the services of BKSH. This was after Lincoln Group had been retained by the United States Special Operations Command to wage psychological warfare on behalf of the Pentagon in Iraq and other hot spots.” Wondering what OTHER HOT SPOTS, and also wondering why it is today that the Pentagon cannot find any one to go up to the Hill to speak to Congress, claiming they cannot find any one who knows anything about the leaked stories. In yet another odd twist to this whole story, BKSH claims they have experience in Iraq from work done for…are you ready for this….Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress.

As they say, this story keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

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