Thanks Mankind

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I got to thinking today and i have to say, we rock! Humans I mean. For some reason, as I sat there, eating my McDonalds, I started thinking about technology. Man was I impressed! We have so much, and we dont think about it enough. I suppose it really doesnt make much of a difference to think about it anyways, but life would just be so much harder if it wasnt 2005.

We have evolved into quite the creatures. We have technology like computers and IPOD’s to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. When was the last time we said thanks? Better yet, who are we saying thanks to? I suppose we thank God. He did, afterall, create us.

What else did I think about? Medicine! How about all those machines and stuff we have to make sure we get a proper diagnosis, so that we can get proper treatment. Like MRI’s and X-Rays and Blood tests and all that. Go us!

And all those medicines that we have, which allow us to enjoy a long happy and healthy life. Basically, we have made life more entertaining with technology, and then in turn technology made our lives longer so that we could enjoy it. Thats a good cycle, and you can sign me up for it again this year.

Pretty much, I just wanted to take a moment and think about what mankind has done, and thank those who did it for us. THANKS!

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