Guide To Proper Atm Use

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Using an ATM is something that most people do on a regular basis, and most of the time they are perfectly safe. However, there are dangers if you use an ATM, and unless you are careful you could end up having your card or PIN stolen. If you want to remain safe and secure whilst using an ATM, then here are some tips on what to look out for when using an ATM.

Driving to an ATM

If you are driving to an ATM, make sure that you always lock up your car whilst you use the ATM, and that you have your keys to hand so that you can quickly and easily get back into your car afterwards.

Shield your PIN

When using an ATM, make sure that you always shield your PIN as you type it in so that no one can read it. Also, make sure that you look behind you to make sure that no one is trying to read your PIN.

Keep your distance

It can be unnerving to use an ATM if someone is standing very closer behind you when you enter your details. Make sure that the person behind you is keeping their distance, and that when you are waiting in line you do the same for other people. This will help to keep your PIN and account details secure.

Be ready

Before you get to the ATM, have everything ready that you need. Have your card in your hand and any other paperwork that you need. Fumbling around at the ATM for your card will not only delay other people but will make you more vulnerable because you will be distracted.

Never keep your PIN

If you have a new card or find it hard to remember your PIN, do not make the mistake of writing down your PIN and taking it with you to the cash machine. By having your PIN written down near your card you are making it easy for potential thieves. Simply remember your PIN and never give it out or write it down.

Take all receipts

Many people are in a rush when they go to an ATM, and forget to take their receipts. Always take receipts with you as they could contain information that can be used to commit fraud against you. If all of your paperwork is secure then you are much less likely to lose money to fraudsters.

Look out for devices

Fraudsters are now using small cameras or electronic card copying devices to steal information from cash machines. If you see anything suspicious at the ATM at all, then do not use the machine and report the problem immediately.

Check your statements

Even the most careful person can become a victim of theft or fraud. Whether you think your card has been copied or stolen or not, you should check your statements regularly to make sure that all ATM use is in order. If you are careful and take these precautions then you should be safe and secure whilst you are using an ATM.

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