A Lesson In Money Management

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Things have gotten pretty bad when it comes to managing credit card debt in our “borrowing nation”. When a credit card company, or a mortgage company is encouraging you to go into debt even more by paying off a debt just to get into another, you know were in trouble.

Credit card debt has grown to massive amounts. Perhaps this is from credit card companies soliciting students at a vulnerable time, when they know they’re just going out on their own for the first time, with little to no income; it’s like dangling candy in the face of a child. These kids are at a period in their lives when money management is the last things on their minds. This is going to become an even bigger problem for both the consumers and the credit card companies, when the income to debt ratio is greatly unbalanced, and nobody is able or pay, or in turn be paid.

It’s not only the aspect of the college students and their debts, but as well the people who knowingly get themselves into a world of trouble, spending way over their limits on credit cards, and obtaining mortgage loans that they cannot afford. Saying that this isn’t the best way to go about things is an understatement.

One way, perhaps the best way for us as consumers to begin to get ourselves out of our current mess, and keep ourselves out of trouble for the future is to learn to live below our means and spend less than we make. This isn’t always glamorous, and you’ll never hear this advice from the credit card companies or the mortgage companies who would be glad to obtain your assets when you default payment, but doing could save your future.

The way to make this much easier is to create an effective budget and learn to stick to it like glue. Budgeting is a dirty word to most, but for those who have used a budget, and stuck to it, they swear by it. Your budget acts as your blueprint for getting out of debt. Using a budget lets you recognize where your spending gets out of hand, and like a self-guided missile, you can make tiny corrections where necessary to straighten back on course.

Spending less and budgeting may sound like an agonizing way to live, however the alternative – forever being in debt can put you in an early grave due to stress.

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