Virtual Retail Boom Creates Unique Shipping Challenges

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Who could have predicted that online buying and selling would become the giant international business that it is today?

Everything from electronics, cars, clothing, collectibles, sporting goods, toys, antiques, books -; you name it -; can be found at online auction sites like eBay. According to the online auction giant, eBay is the most popular shopping destination on the Internet.

Why are online auctions all the rage? From collectible toy trains to custom-built furniture, you can find a variety of extraordinary items not found at your local mall.

And for those putting their large, bulky or fragile goods up for bids, selling is easy compared to figuring out how to get the items shipped to their new owners.

Seeking solutions to these and other shipping hassles, many online auctioneers are turning to professional packing, crating and shipping services, such as Pak Mail Centers. They can ship anything, anywhere in the world.

Pak Mail can handle any shipping challenge, according to the company. From items both small and precious, to entire truckloads, your items will arrive at their destinations in one piece and on time.

There is also an extended menu of services, including custom-built, wooden shipping crates for bulky and valuable items. Items that have been successfully shipped include an antique Japanese sword, an elephant skeleton and even artificial limbs.

Pick-up service is available at most locations. Pak Mail can also provide estimated shipping costs, which allows an online seller to know ahead of time how much cost to factor in for shipping when listing an item for auction.

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