Killer Adwords Techniques To Get More Traffic Lower Your Cost Per Click And Increase Roi

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Keeping your Adwords account organized is very important. It can make it easy for you to find your Adgroups, keywords and your ads. This can help you save time whenever you need to adjust your bids, ads, or keywords. Being organized can also help you achieve a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) which means getting the searcher clicking on your ad and becoming a prospect.

Organize your account by starting with a campaign name relevant to your product or service. If you were selling inkjet cartridges you could use that as the campaign name or the name of your website as the campaign name.

Set up your ad groups so that they are themed. If you were advertising inkjet cartridges and one of the products you are selling is canon inkjet cartridges you could create an adgroup titled “Canon Inkjet Cartridges” and then place relevant keywords in this group.

Ad Group Name: Canon Inkjet Cartridges

Keywords: canon inkjet cartridges, canon ink, canon cartridges, canon inkjet cartridges online

Two reasons for keeping your adgroups organized and themed like this are it is easy to find and adjust the keywords as necessary. It is easy to to put the keyword in the title and body of your ad.

It is important to put the keyword in the title and ad because you will achieve a much higher click through rate (CTR)

Canon Inkjet Cartridges

For huge savings on Canon inkjet

cartridges visit us.

If you used the above ad with the keywords in the example your ad would be relevant to the searchers and the keywords in the ad would appear bold to the searchers catching their eye.

Let’s recap what you just learned. The bold text catches the eye of the searcher. The keyword is relevant to what they are looking for thus increasing the chances of you getting the visitor to your website instead of your competitor getting the visitor.

One thing you need to be careful of however is using a trademarked word in your title, description, or as a keyword. Some companies allow you to do this while other companies don’t. When in doubt either don’t use the trademarked term or contact the company and ask them for permission.

One other advantage of having themed adgroups is that Google rewards relevancy. This can improve your quality score and actually reduce the cost that you pay for the click. Your Ad’s position will improve. You will get a lower cost per customer acquisition (CPA), a higher clickthrough rate (CTR), more profit and a higher return of investment (ROI).

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