Looking For Strategic Partner Major Investor Or Acquirer

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The Internet Pipeline is looking for a strategic partner, major investor or acquirer. We are a leading online media publishing company that spans across the globe and reaches close to a million consumers.

We reach them through various vertical markets such as travel, performing arts, entertainment, loans & credits, science, dating, advertising, and computer industries, just to name a few.

We have become one of the top online publishers and we are at the forefront of the online publishing revolution. All of this means that there is a huge potential for your existing business to expand, or as an investor or strategic partner to have assets in the growing online world.

You don’t have to deal with the headache of conceiving a market niche. All of this has already been done through our marketing channels. You don’t have to deal with the headache of building websites, learning HTML, getting mailing lists, web servers, email boxes, or creating graphics.

An added benefit is that we also know how to get high rankings with the search engines and with our pages, and this will greatly benefit your investment since traffic translates into cash paying customers.

If you are a strategic partner, you have the chance to work together with us on building business plans and finding out how to grow the business even further. If you are a major investor, your money spent and invested can grow phenomenally. If you are an acquirer, you have total freedom to implement your very own ideas and vision you see for The Internet Pipeline product channels.

We are very flexible in our business plan, so feel free to contact us with your needs or ideas. There is no time like right now to get in contact with us. We are open to any suggestions and questions that you may have.

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