The Teenage Blog Outbreak

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Blogs are the new buzzword in cyberspace. Anyone and everyone who uses the Internet now know about the concept of blogging. Though males and females, young and old alike are blogging away, it is the teenagers who have the briskness to use this new virtual platform to its maximum potential.

Having grown up using the computer and the Internet for a large number of their informational needs, these first-generation computer users are at ease when they convey their opinions, thoughts and feelings using the web technology. The use of various platforms of communication on the net comes extremely naturally to them. Unlike older writers who sometimes tend to experience moment of stagnation, the teens can be seen blogging effortlessly.

The rapid emergence of blogs can be attributed to the unequaled characteristic of the platform where teens can acquire a sense of satisfaction from expressing themselves while remaining anonymous if they want to. Teens create their own blogging space and invite friends, peers and even strangers to join in. This allows for them to receive the much-needed attention that many youngsters today want. But, one of the most frightful nightmares of a teen is the fear that a parent or a custodian will chance upon his or her blog.

Though teenagers can write with great alacrity on the blogging platforms, they have very little experience of writing beyond the Internet. This is primarily because publishers of magazines, journals and newspapers are extremely skeptical of publishing young writers. This discourages the youngsters and is probably throttling a major talent which is emerging.

Blogging has found acceptability among the youth since it allows them a forum wherein they can express themselves and showcase their talents without the restraining arms of the publisher. The large reach of this new-age phenomenon grants them the flexibility of using their technical skills to acquire attention and to gain a readership for their writing.

Blogging is also a medium by which people with similar interests and opinions can come together and share views. Discussions, arguments and debates can abet thought and can provide positive reinforcements to the teens of the world. This medium of self expression helps the teenagers to put their thoughts out there where someone will notice it. And given the busy schedules of most parents, it provides a much-needed release.

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