Canopies Q A Understanding Types Of Canopies And Tents

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* Where did the name ‘canopy’ come from?

The word canopy in Greek is konopeion that is derived from the word konops that literally means a gnat, any various small biting and two-winged flies.

Shakespeare has defined the word canopy as a covering cloth against flies. This definition of Shakespeare is very much related to its name itself in Greek that means gnat, fly

The word canopy was used by Herodutus in speaking of the nets which the Nile fishermen used to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

* What is a crown canopy?

A crown canopy is a long fabric panel that fall under a valanced top section, making a sweep of color and style that is unforgettable. Crown canopies makes a dramatic statement in a room.

Crown canopies are of different styles and color. The style ranges from simple to very elegant and exquisite designs. The colors may be that of plain or combinations of different attractive and eye catching colors.

* What is a yurt?

A yurt is a circular, domed, portable tent that is used by nomadic peoples of central Asia. It is the traditional felt home for many nomads. The yurt is a Turkish word for these portable felt dwelling places.

In our modern day, the word yurt refers to round huts made of modern materials. The structures of modern yurts are copied or based from the originals found in central Asia. The modern yurts are highly engineered and built for extreme weather conditions.

* What size camping tent do I need?

The size of camping tent that you need will depend on the number of persons that will use or occupy the tent. There are one-man camping tents that are made for only one person; there are also tents for two persons; and the king size camping tent that can accommodate ten people.

The box the tent comes in will usually label the capacity. If you plan to use your tent for more than just sleeping and may plan to set up a chair or changing area, you’ll need to double your capacity for smaller tents.

* What should I look for when buying a new camping tent?

Here are some of the best tips of buying a new camping tent that is very convenient and enduring that can stand the test of time.

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