Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Right For You

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There are hundreds of different vacuum cleaners available on the market and the thought of selecting the right one for you and your requirements can be daunting. The price range starts from budget models and works its way through to hundreds of dollars. The important thing to remember is that you can find a vacuum cleaner that you are happy with and that you can afford if you know where to look.

First of all, there are different styles of vacuum cleaner. These include the upright version, which is the one most associated with housewives of the 1950’s, cylinder cleaners, which have become more popular in the last 10 years and handheld cleaners, which are ideal for quick clean ups of spills and such like. These handheld cleaners are often known by the generic name of DustBusters, but this tends to refer to the models made by Black & Decker. There are many more manufacturers of these handheld cleaners available and it is worth shopping around in order to get one at a good price.

Once a decision has been reached about the style you require then there are color considerations. Gone are the days when vacuum cleaners were only available in varying degrees of beige. Modern vacuum cleaners are seen as an item of style and are sold in various color combinations: purple, grey with yellow highlights, mint green and, of course, the old beige favorite!

The next thing to consider is the manufacturer you favor. The main names associated primarily with vacuum cleaner production are Hoover and, the new arrival on the market, Dyson. Dyson have been almost single-handedly responsible for the renewed interest in the vacuum cleaner and its capabilities and have inspired a number of other electrical manufacturers to launch similar products to Dyson but at lower prices. These include such household names as Philips and Bissell.

By now, you may have an idea of the style, color and manufacturer of vacuum cleaner that you wish to purchase and are ready to take the next step by going to the store to buy. However, if you are still confused by the vast array of vacuum cleaners available, there are websites that can help you. These review the individual cleaners and can give you some guidance as to which are worth buying, and which aren’t. And remember, a vacuum cleaner is for life, not just for Christmas!

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